Jeff Goldstein: Personal, Business, and Life Insurance Broker, Toronto, Ontario

Insurance Company Services

There are a wide array of personal insurance products available to the affluent consumer. When it comes to protecting the assets of a high net-worth individual, it is not simply enough to have a basic knowledge of the assets in question. A professional representing this segment of the population needs to understand the unique nature of an affluent lifestyle. In addition, clients need access to a decision maker who can provide immediate authorization or negotiate when necessary.

Through Jeff, clients can obtain an enhanced policy for their homes, automobiles, valuable articles, and watercraft, and for personal liability. In addition, high net-worth individuals may also require the following:


  • High property and liability limits
  • Access to global companies for coverage around the world
  • Cash option on claims settlements
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Large deductibles
  • Alternative markets for hard to place risks

Home and Contents

  • Multiple residences with comprehensive coverage on all
  • Extended coverage for seasonal properties including remote locations, coverage for weight of ice and snow, and no strict maintenance/visitation clauses
  • Ability to use their own contractor/choice of trades for claims repair
  • Automatic coverage for contents while travelling or for children away at school
  • Unlimited additional living expenses to maintain lifestyle in the event of a claim


  • Agreed value on vehicles
  • Multiple vehicles and drivers including nannies and chauffeurs
  • Choice of repair shops
  • Use of OEM parts for claims settlements
  • High limits on rental car coverage

Family Liability

  • Car jacking
  • Child abduction
  • Stalking threat
  • Home invasion

Personal Liability

  • Not-for-profit directors and officers coverage
  • Personal injury coverage including libel and slander
  • Defense cost coverage
  • Identity theft
  • Kidnap and ransom

Valuable Articles

  • Unusual collections
  • Breakage for fine arts
  • Wine coverage
  • In vault jewellery collections
  • Mysterious disappearance


  • Capacity for multi-million dollar yachts
  • Full-time paid crew liability
  • Claims service that includes emergency towing and replacement watercraft
  • Broad geographical and year-round navigational limits
  • Enhanced protection for sails, trailers, tender, ice and freezing, waterskiing, and charter

In addition to personal insurance, Jeff provides an extensive selection of commercial products to his clients. High net worth individuals may be particularly interested in:
  • Kidnap and Ransom Coverage
  • Directors and Officers Coverage
  • Personal Aviation
  • Commercial packages
Jeff can also coordinate life, health, group benefits, and wealth management services for select clients. Please contact Jeff to discuss any aspect of your insurance portfolio, or visit his brokerage for a full listing of products available.