Jeff Goldstein: Personal, Business, and Life Insurance Broker, Toronto, Ontario

Insurance Company Overview

Since 1979, Jeff Goldstein has provided personal insurance solutions for affluent clients, business insurance solutions for companies, high net-worth life insurance solutions, and a range of other insurance solutions built for the unique needs of high net-worth individuals. As part of The Paisley-Manor Insurance Group, Jeff is backed by an independent brokerage that has been catering to the Canadian insurance market for over 50 years. Both believe that customer relationships are paramount and always conduct business with integrity and respect.


Jeff's experience protecting fine properties, automobiles, watercraft, and unique collections have earned him a reputation of excellence and trust within the high net-worth community. Jeff also has a long-standing relationship with the premier insurance companies serving this niche market. An extensive career dealing with high limits and unique coverage has given Jeff intricate knowledge about the insurance requirements of affluent individuals.


Operating out of Toronto, Ontario, Jeff is part of a full-service insurance brokerage with international capabilities, and a reputation for outstanding service. Partnerships with insurance companies providing unique policies enable Jeff to build comprehensive insurance solutions for his customers. Combined with superior ongoing service from Jeff's team, these partnerships mean clients can finally enjoy a personal insurance experience that's tailored to their lifestyle.


A portfolio built on referrals and involving multiple family generations is a testament to the confidence that Jeff's clients have in his ability to safeguard their lifestyle. Discerning individuals demanding expertise, creativity and professionalism can trust Jeff to protect their most precious possessions.